Intuitive decision making – using our inbuilt warning systems as our guide.

We all make decisions every day in our personal and work life, they range from profound life altering decisions like getting married, having a family, moving to another country to less impactful decisions like choosing a kitchen appliance. In a business context, ranging from whether to make a multimillion dollar business acquisition to whether to [...]

Are large organisations good for business?

Are we stifling creativity and innovation by the internally focused bias of working in large organisations? Do structures and hierarchy inhibit opportunities to develop needed products or solve problems for potential customers?  Do large companies encourage employees to connect externally as a way to learn, share and drive innovation? One of the biggest concerns that [...]

Conquering the fear of having ‘difficult conversations’

In working with various clients from different business sectors over the past month there has been a common theme they all are struggling with – how to manage that difficult situation and conversation that you know you need to have with an employee/co-worker/business partner. You know that feeling, the pit in your stomach when you [...]

Change and Adapt – the natural course of life

In a recent conversation with older family members, we were discussing the good and bad times they had experienced in their lifetime. They had experienced a World War, a couple of recessions, death of close family members, and  were reminiscing with fondness on some of the measures they took within their families to survive and [...]

Planning Essentials – make your ‘To Do list’ matter!

With all the productivity tools that technology gives us, we are all ultra-organised, super productive and have all the free time we could wish for – Right?? We have our smartphones, tablets and computers laden with calendar, memo, scheduling, travel timetable, cloud, printing, file sharing, reading and  social app’s – everything is connected and synchronised [...]

Succession planning and communication – lessons from Manchester Utd Football Club

Last month’s announcement of the resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson, the iconic football manager of Manchester Utd Football Club for the past 25 years, has been a topic of conversation both in the sporting and business world. Organisations can learn a lot from the manner in which the announcement was made and how the transition [...]

The transition from working locally to working virtually and globally – Key points for success

  Our world has become smaller in the past 20 years. Think about how we used to conduct business back then: you called people or dropped over to their desk to coordinate and schedule meetings, people you worked with on a daily basis were in the same building you worked in, team meetings were in [...]

Can too much formality inhibit business progress?

While chatting to close friends last week, they were telling me about some property they are in the process of selling. They showed me a letter that had been written by the prospective buyers’ lawyer and was sent to their lawyer. I was quite amazed at the language and communication style used in the letter and [...]

Correlating ‘Cost of quality to ‘Cost of communication’.

Having developed, managed and implemented product quality strategies and programmes in the technology industry for 17 years I’m no stranger to looking at the product development lifecycle, seeing where the main source of quality issues come from and then putting appropriate Corrective and Preventive action processes in place. As a mediator I have been examining [...]

Introducing realism without stifling enthusiasm and creativity

    We have all been there. A new person joins the team or organisation you are in and is asking lots of questions, suggesting ideas and giving inputs you feel you have all heard before or tried before. You think – ‘here we go again down the same path’. When faced with a new [...]